International Vision, Origin and Production Linkage - The 17th Wenzhou International Optical Fair Helps Industry Innovation and Development

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The 17th Wenzhou International Optical Fair will be held on May 10th. Since the Wenzhou International Optical Fair was held in Wenzhou for the first time in 2003, it has relied on the advantages of "China Optical Production Base" and "National Foreign Trade Transformation and Upgrade Professional Demonstration Base". Linked to the optical industry clusters and professional markets across the country, with the joint efforts of the glasses manufacturing enterprises and the society, they have achieved good trade results and have been recognized by the industry and have gradually developed into professional, branded and international. Business contacts and industry information exchange platform.

The exhibition is based on the principle of “Gathering China's glasses and creating a global trading platform”. The exhibition area will reach 38,000 square meters this year. The overall scale will increase by 10.6% from the previous year, from Guangzhou and Shenzhen in Guangdong, Xiamen in Fujian, and Sudan in the river. More than 550 well-known enterprises from all over the country, such as Hebei Xinhe, Jiangxi Yujiang, Chongqing Rongchang, Sichuan Cangxi, Zhejiang Linhai and Yuhuan, Wenzhou Ouhai and Ruian, all joined the company, including Wenzhou, Taizhou, Guangdong and Jiangsu. Danyang (Shanghai) is the main source of exhibitors, accounting for 43%, 15.5%, 12%, 8.6% respectively; the exhibition products cover optical frames, sunglasses, lenses, packaging, raw and auxiliary materials and accessories, instruments and equipment, etc. The downstream industry chain meets one-stop procurement needs.


In order to promote the communication and docking between overseas buyers and domestic suppliers, the organizing committee is active in the global professional exhibition of glasses, and invites overseas buyers to participate in international and regional competitions in France, Italy, the United States, Hong Kong, etc. Exchange activities, etc. The buyers who signed up for this exhibition come from all continents and regions. We further track the products, quantity, specifications and other content that we need to meet the corresponding exhibitors and match the customer needs. For overseas buyers, the organizing committee continued to provide "free five-star hotel accommodation sponsorship" during the exhibition, as well as the addition of Chinese and Western food and beverage outlets, as well as translation, shuttle bus and other services to provide a better experience for participants. In addition, the organizing committee will set up a party member service post in the joint exhibition hall during the exhibition, and arrange the theme public welfare activities in conjunction with the “Mother's Day” to better serve the masses and practice social responsibility while serving the industry.


Wenzhou International Optical Fair is also a good opportunity for the glasses brand to display and exchange again. The appearance of the Bohai Eyewear brand exhibition area will undoubtedly further expand the influence of “Bohai Glasses”. More than 20 companies, including the top ten brands of Bohai Glasses and some well-known mirror enterprises in Wenzhou, will hold two “fashion new product launches”, allowing you to grasp the market pulse more accurately and gain more market information while watching the exhibition. .



At the same time, this exhibition will have a number of rich, effective and fashionable supporting activities, focusing on the development trend of the industry and exploring new development concepts. At that time, the summit forum will focus on “sharing the new world” to explore the development trend of the industry and bring the latest cutting-edge concepts to the industry. Inviting Specsavers, Da Vinci, Helen Kai, LOHO, Rui Mengxi and other domestic and foreign heavyweights to gather wisdom, deep sharing, around the glasses manufacturing, channels, business models, brand operations, new retail and other content, to explore future trends, help the industry development of.



"Mirror by the [new] students" designer exhibition area, will gather professional talents in glasses design, condense the power of innovation, and guide the industry to optimize brand planning, product design, product structure and so on. Docking enterprises and industrial clusters, disseminating new designs, new ideas, and new technologies, and promoting the transfer of industrial scientific research results to the industry.

This year, the exhibition was deeply integrated into the “First China (Bohai) Glasses Town Purchasing Festival”, which fully utilized the advantages of the linkage between the origin and the professional exhibition, further enhanced the specifications and industry influence of the exhibition, and also provided the Bohai glasses and the global docking. A more convenient and full opportunity! It is expected to attract buyers from 100 countries and regions around the world, and 18,000 professional visitors from home and abroad come to visit and purchase.